Some of our gigs have been cancelled because someone ate a bat, but we'll be back in action as soon as it's safe to strip the willow again.

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is a four-piece band (two fiddles, guitar & bass) from the South-West of England. We play traditional dance music for ceilidhs & celebrations of all kinds.

Most of our tunes and dances come from the British Isles so you'll hear your favourite Irish Jigs, Scottish Reels & Northumbrian Hornpipes at our gigs, but we sometimes crowbar a Romanian Nut-Crushing dance and some American, Breton and Transylvanian flavours into the mix...

It's a cheery blend of the familiar and some spicy surprises, then, but if an all-Irish / all-Scottish / all-English evening is what you need, we can happily do that too.


A wedding ceilidh is the perfect ice-breaker and a chance for everyone to let their hair down . . .

Shots from the stage.

S4N HAS PLAYED FOR WEDDINGS & CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS in castles, village halls, banqueting halls, barns, looaaads of marquees and one four-man tent. We've lost count...

Every ceilidh needs a caller to lead the dancing and PAM HAYES is ours. She's hugely popular and great with adults, children, experienced & inexperienced dancers alike. Her dances are mainly traditional, always fun, suitable for everyone and quick & easy to learn.

Pam will consult you to find out exactly how you want the evening to go and can offer some special wedding dances. There's one for blessing the bride & groom, for instance - much wilder than it sounds - and another for giving them a traditional Scottish farewell as they leave for their honeymoon . . .


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Rocky Road To Dublin / Foxhunter's Jig
Ten Tors Hop / Petronella
The Matelot


Dec 11 / The Hall, Exeter
Dec 31 / The Hall, Exeter


Jan 8 / Willand
Jan 22 / Exeter
Jan 29 / Woodbury
Feb 19 / Dulverton
Mar 12 / Hittisleigh
March 23 / Newton Abbot
Mar 26 / Exmouth
April 20 / Hereford
June 4 / Ashwater
June 18 / Launceston
July 2 / Dolton
July 9 / Marlborough
Aug 24 / Cullompton

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